My name is Lisa and I am an hobby artist creating illustrations and sometimes portraits with watercolour and watercolour pencils.

Like a lot of people I started drawing really early, around the time when I was in kindergarten. My interest in drawing never let up and grew even stronger when I got my hands on a ‘How to draw manga’-book (It was my brother’s).

For years I drew and sketched manga and other things and gradually became better. I tried out different medias over the years such as acrylic paint, markers and even digital painting but I was never quite happy with them.

Then a few years ago I spontaneously bought some watercolours and what can I say, it was like love at first sight. Right after my first test it was clear for me that I finally found my medium and not so long after that a new style developed itself, too.

So today I mostly paint with my watercolours but still love to sketch with pencils and coloured pencils. My pictures include illustrations for young and old, birthday cards and of course cards for every other occasion, and sometimes portraits.

I really hope you enjoy my works 🙂